BSC-Microsoft Research Centre

BSC-Microsoft Research CentreBSC-Microsoft Research Centre


BSC-Microsoft Research Centre was inaugurated on January 2008. The Centre focuses on the design and interaction of future microprocessors and software for the mobile and desktop market segments. The advent of many- and multi-core processor computing architectures makes it possible to deliver enormous computational power on a single chip, with profound implications on the way software is developed. Optimizing the design and interaction of hardware and software architectures to take advantage of the new computing power will require tight integration across the industry.

With this perspective in mind, computer architecture experts at BSC have teamed up with computer scientists at Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC) in the United Kingdom to look for innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities that massively parallel processing represents. The vision of the centre is of a top-down computer architecture approach in which software requirements drive the hardware innovation forward rather than letting the hardware design condition software development.