BSC-Microsoft Research Centre


BSC-Microsoft Research Centre was inaugurated on January 2008.  Since 2014, the Centre targets BigData topics, and in particular,the development of performance models for large scale data analytics frameworks, initially focusing on Hadoop ecosystems. With this objective in mind, Researchers at BSC have teamed up with computer scientists at Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Research in Redmond (US) to look for automated optimization for the performance of Hadoop infrastructure deployments.

The goal of the  explore upcoming hardware architectures for Big Data processing and to reduce the TCO of running Hadoop clusters. The approach taken is to create the most comprehensive open public Hadoop benchmarking repository. Comparing not only software configuration parameters, but also current, to new available hardware including SSDs, InfiniBand networks, and Cloud services. While at the same time evaluating the TCO of possible each possible setup along with the running time to offer a recommendation. This way, serving as a reference guide for designing new Hadoop clusters, exploring parameter relationship, as well to reduce the TCO for existing data processing infrastructures. Ultimately, the centre will develop automated learning mechanisms for providinng cost-effectiveness characterization of Hadoop workloads.