BSC-Microsoft Research Centre


BSC-Microsoft Research Centre was inaugurated on January 2008.  Since 2014, the Centre targets BigData topics, aiming to automate the characterization of cost-effectiveness on Big Data deployments. The platform initially focused on on-premise Hadoop deployments, but currently covers a wide range of Iaas, PaaS and SaaS Cloud Services. Analytical services like Hive and Spark come pre-configured and ready to use, giving companies a quick entry and fast deployment of ready SQL-like solutions for their Big Data needs. With this objective in mind, Researchers at BSC have teamed up with computer scientists at Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Research in Redmond (US) to look for automated optimization for the performance of Big Data deployments.

The centre has produced the ALOJA benchmarking project the largest open Big Data performance repository, with over 50,000 runs. The searchable repository features different applications for Hadoop, software configurations, data sizes, and more than 100 different hardware deployment options. Along with the repository, ALOJA provides open source Web Analytics and Machine Learning based tools for the analysis and characterization of results. The Web tools offer both a fine-grain view of runs, as well as a high-level glance of aggregate results, and Predictive Analytics estimations and recommendations of configurations.