16. April 2024

35.8% of Top 1,000 Crypto Projects Go Silent On Blogging This Year

• 35.8% of the world’s largest crypto projects haven’t uploaded a single blog post in 2023 according to blockchain marketing agency Guerilla Buzz.
• Less than half (49.7%) of the top 1000 crypto projects have posted more than two new articles so far in 2023.
• A majority of these companies choose to focus their efforts on “generating hype for their token sales” and “opting for short-lived growth spurts” instead of prioritizing long-term organic growth.

Study Finds 36% Of Top Cryptocurrency Projects Went Silent On Blogging This Year

A blockchain marketing agency, Guerilla Buzz, released a research report which revealed that 35.8% of the world’s largest cryptocurrency projects haven’t published any new content on their websites this year, despite being part of the top 1,000 crypto projects. The report also found that less than half (49.7%) had posted more than two new articles so far in 2023.

Crypto Companies Focusing On Token Sales Rather Than Organic Growth

The report suggested that many crypto companies are opting for short-term growth rather than prioritizing long-term organic growth by focusing on generating hype for their token sales and not investing into strong marketing foundations such as writing blog posts or creating quality content for website visitors to consume and learn from.

Research Methodology & Findings

The research methodology was simple yet labor intensive – manually inspecting the corresponding websites of each project and assessing how many new blog posts had been published in 2023 as well as other years prior to this date. Binance’s BNB Chain topped the list with 59 new articles this year, while Polygon MATIC followed closely behind with 36 new posts, then Cardano ADA with 12 new posts respectively. Most notably, Medium was found to be the most popular blogging website choice among crypto projects – a trend that has spanned since 2017 when initial coin offerings were at its peak period of popularity and many opt only for a one page website with an accompanying white paper outlining promises made by developers concerning tech revolution advancements associated with their respective tokens/projects..

Why Blogging Matters For Crypto Projects?

Blogging is an effective way to reach out potential customers and investors who may be interested in learning more about your project or product offering – it creates awareness around what you are doing and why people should care about it; likewise it functions as an opportunity to build trust amongst your followers through providing educational information related to your industry as well as updates about current events related to your crypto project specifically..


Overall blogging can be seen as an essential tool towards gaining interest from potential customers, partners or investors alike; however there is still some hesitancy among crypto firms regarding investing into strong marketing foundations such as blogging which could ultimately lead them down a path where they are unable to benefit from organic growth opportunities associated with quality content creation initiatives..