About the BSC-Microsoft Research Centre

The BSC-Microsoft Research Centre, comprises of a team of computer scientists and engineers, focuses on providing automated optimization for the performance of Hadoop infrastructure deployments. In the past (2006-2014), the research team worked on finding ways to overcome the challenges facing future multi- and many-core architectures.

History of the joint research centre

In April 2006, BSC and Microsoft started a research collaboration in the field of Computer Architecture. The success of this collaboration and the scientific results obtained by both teams has led to the creation of a joint research centre in Barcelona.

BSC and Microsoft Research Cambridge extended their two year collaboration and created a joint research centre which opened in 18th January 2008 in Barcelona. In 2014, a team of Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Research Redmond took over the collaboration to focus on new topics around BigData challenges.


BSC-Microsoft Research Centre

BSC-MS Signature Agreement (2014)
In the picture, from left to right, and bottom to top: David Carrera, Fabrizio Gagliardi, Mateo Valero, Rob Reinauer, Eduard Ayguadé, Nicolas Poggi, Aaron Call, Osman Ünsal and Adrián Cristal

BSC-Microsoft Research Centre

BSC-MSRC Opening Ceremony (2006)
In the picture, from left to right: Fabrizio Gagliardi, Andrew Herbert, Blanca Palmada, Josep Casanovas, Josep Huguet, Tony Hey, Mateo Valero, Carmen Andrade, Rosa García