16. April 2024

Coinbase Launches Campaign to Show Crypto’s Role in Modernizing Finances

• Coinbase is rolling out a new national ad campaign in the US called “Moving America Forward,” which will focus on the use of crypto to modernize the global financial system.
• The ads will air during popular Sunday shows and during NBA Finals games, and will feature Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.
• There will also be a Wall Street wallscape campaign and a lobbying event in Washington D.C., both focusing on the benefits of crypto.

Coinbase Launches New Crypto Ad Campaign

Coinbase, one of the leading United States crypto exchanges, has announced its newest ad campaign – “Moving America Forward.” This national campaign emphasizes how crypto can modernize global finance systems via financial innovations and increased awareness about Coinbase events and lobbying efforts.

Ads To Air During Popular Sunday Shows & NBA Finals Series

The advertisements featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will be airing on TV during popular Sunday shows as well as on ad breaks of the NBA Finals series. Additionally, there will be a wallscape campaign at Wall Street that visually documents cryptocurrency’s history from 10,000 BC when it was goats to what it is today – crypto.

Lobbying Event To Take Place In July

The “Stand With Crypto Day” event promoted by this ad campaign aims to bring together members of the crypto community with their respective members of Congress to advocate for crypt-friendly policies. This event is scheduled for July 19th in Washington D.C..

Crypto Adoption Overseas Also Highlighted

The importance of U.S global economic leadership is echoed in this campaign – highlighting that if we don’t stay ahead with technology such as blockchain and cryptocurrency then our nation’s security could be at risk. The campaign also seeks to draw attention to successful adoption overseas in countries like China as an example for other nations to follow suit.


Coinbase’s newest ad campaigns have been designed to educate people all over America about how crypto technology can benefit our current financial systems, while also emphasizing U.S leadership role in staying ahead with cutting-edge tech like blockchain and cryptocurrency