16. April 2024

Discover Crypto’s Product-Market Fit & Unlock Dynamic Use Cases

• Product-market fit (PMF) is discovering how a product satisfies demand in the market.
• With cryptocurrency, the process of discovering PMF is unique and faces scrutiny.
• Companies like Spindl are redefining attribution for Web3 to better tailor success metrics.

Discovering Product-Market Fit for Crypto

Cryptocurrency products present unique opportunities to discover new uses cases and potential growth markets. It’s important to be realistic with goals and listen to those who are willing to embrace trying these new products to maximize growth.

Innovation Circle

The Cointelegraph Innovation Circle brings together blockchain technology leaders and provides an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and publish. It allows users to transform the future of cryptocurrency products through community building done in decentralized ways that leverage entirely new networks of insight.

Product-Market Fit Explained

Product-market fit (PMF) refers to discovering how a product satisfies demand in the market – this can range from diverse use cases, or very niche ones. Discovering how early adopters can utilize an emerging product is essential to unlocking its full potential and uncovering growth opportunities. The success metrics used for Web3 companies must differ from those used for Web2 companies because they are not comparable – it’s important to tailor indices of success accordingly instead of comparing apples with oranges.

Attribution with Spindl

Spindl is one example of a company redefining attribution for Web3 so that incoming consumers know what they’re doing and why when using a particular cryptocurrency product or service. This concept reshapes how we grow by giving us far more insight than we previously had access too – allowing us to convert PMF for cryptocurrency across various use cases that may not be related at all (i.e., London Bitcoin store of value vs Ethereum remittance payments).


Cryptocurrency presents totally new ways of discovering PMF depending on the use case you’re looking at – it’s often hard but necessary work that requires strategic inference testing daily in order to succeed in the space. Companies like Spindl help revolutionize our understanding of success metrics while providing valuable insights into connecting customers with cryptocurrencies more effectively than ever before.