PhD student

We are looking for exceptional PhD students. The centre is associated with UPC, and will support the student for 4 years of PhD study in BSC. The ideal candidate would have graduated at the top of his class with excellent grades and with a strong background in Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering. Students with a strong publication record will also be considered. PhD students at the Centre would work on a series of interesting projects that they develop together with the junior and senior members of the Centre. There will be funding for students to travel and attend conferences. Students will also enjoy explicit interaction possibilities with leading scientists in the field, who will be at the Centre as visiting scholars. As part of their PhD studies, the students are encouraged to do internships at Microsoft Research in Redmond. The gross yearly salary is 14400 Euros, subject to increase after the first year based on performance. Lunch coupons and health insurance will also be provided. Barcelona has a very pleasant Mediterranean climate with year-around sunshine.

The research topics we are currently looking for are:

  • BigData technologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Placement Optimization
How to Apply: 

Please send your CV and cover letter to the email address below.

E-mail address