Don Grice (IBM)

Dr Don Grice is a Distinguished Engineer who joined IBM in 1972 after graduating from RPI  and has held a number of management and technical positions over the years. He received his MSEE from Syracuse University and his PhD  from RPI in 1984. He was an adjunct professor at RPI teaching Multi-Processing Systems from 1984-1994.

Dr. Grice has spent a good part of his career in advanced technology development, bridging the gap between research efforts and product delivery. He was involved in the development of IBM’s first microprocessor, first Digital Signal Processor, first Color Monitor, first high speed communications network, first digital telephone, a voice recognition and response system based on his PhD work, and for the last 15 years has been the chief engineer for the SP/HPC business. He is a master inventor and the chairman of the HPC HW patent committee.

Dr. Grice has been involved in most aspects of the HPC business. He has been chief engineer for product development integrating the HW, Firmware, and Software aspects of the largest supercomputer deliveries, and working with research to incorporate the future innovations in the product roadmap. He has been actively involved in the largest HPC system architectures, and was most recently the Chief Engineer for the Roadrunner project which was the first to cross the sustained Petaflop boundary on the Top 500 list.