Transactional Memory

One of the initial projects conducted at the centre includes fundamental and applied research in Transactional Memory (TM). The centre developed several TM applications as well as compiler and runtime tools and architectural simulators for TM.

TM TM is a new technology that promises to make substitute locks with atomic sections to make parallel programming easier. TM is essentially an optimistic concurrency scheme: multiple threads can be in a critical section, sharing data, in the hope that data ordering conflicts will be rare. We have developed complex TM applications which will help researchers answer the hypothesis that TM facilitates writing parallel programs. The TM applications developed at the centre include Quake, the multiplayer game; Wormbench, a configurable application useful for testing TM systems; RMS-TM scalable Recognition, Mining, Synthesis applications; and the Haskell transactional benchmark suite. All of the applications are available for downloading.

Project Team: